Mission & Manifesto


3 words, 9 letters, one meaning;   I LIVE LIFE.


When I was given my cancer diagnosis and prognosis, my life as I knew it was turned upside down and inside out.   Those dreadful words….”you have cancer” will forever be etched into my mind.   This is the fight of my life, for my life and I am determined to do everything humanly possible and the impossible to LIVE LIFE to the fullest, every day, every moment, every second until my last breath.   I have a vested interest in cancer and in YOU.  I CARE.   (Cancer Awareness, Advocacy, Resources, & Education).    I WELCOME (Won’t Ever Let Cancer Overcome ME) and accept the challenges cancer has given me and the opportunity to help all those who are affected and afflicted by their cancer.    I will never let cancer define me or own me or bring me down.   I will fight this battle as the warrior I was destined to be.


The challenges I faced as a patient with a rare and incurable form of cancer, called Neuroendocrine Tumor Carcinoid Cancer, made me realize after months of treatments, confusion, controversy and chaos,  and a lot of soul searching, that I had to do something impactful and meaningful to save others from going through what I have gone through.  It has led me to create THE STIFLE CANCER FOUNDATION for Neuroendocrine Cancers – “Kicking Cancer in the Noid”…and everywhere else!!!


We believe in life, extending life and living life to the fullest.  We believe in your life.   We are connected by cancer forever and it is with that, that our organization will do whatever it takes to help the patient and the medical community come together to work closely with one another and to seek out the best treatment options and care for the patient.    We are committed to providing patients, caregivers, non-patients, the public at large, the entire medical community, their organizations and affiliates, and state and local governments, the tools, information and resources necessary to facilitate and promote awareness and education with the goals of evoking change at core levels to promote wellness and ultimately to save lives.


We Believe Knowledge is Power

We Believe an informed and aware patient makes the best patient

We Believe an informed and aware medical professional makes the best doctor

We Believe a Positive Attitude is Everything

We Believe You Will Live with Cancer on Your Terms

We Believe In YOU – We are Unified by Cancer and are in this fight with YOU

Founded and Inspired by GRETA M. STIFEL, Cancer Patient, Activist, Advocate

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